My Journey Toward Peace



You are invited to follow the lifelong journey of the Author in humanity’s eternal search for - and journey toward - “peace,” as you may define it for your Self.
This is a humorous, accessible, and revealing compendium of his lengthy journey toward the attainment of what the Author calls “inner peace.”
Within this readable series of discussions and short stories the Reader will find interesting, provocative, and even useful experiences within the various realms of the Author’s life.  Stand beside him as he describes them, and draw your own conclusions about our universal journey.
What is peace?  Why is it so often said to be a primary goal of living?  How does one attain it?  Is it even important or even useful?  Is this all just a random series of accidents, hiccups, wrong turns, or meaningless actions and consequent results?
The Author describes a series of events and experiences in his own life of seventy-six years that he believes are worth sharing with You.  Included are humorous, curious, painful, and profound episodes described with awe, surprise, wonder, and humor regarding the complexity, profundity, and simplicity of life.
Writing in a style possibly reminiscent of a combination of Hunter Thompson, Will Rogers, Alfred E. Neumann, Elmer Gantry, and others, the Author suggests that you will find some unusual, useful, and humorous thoughts and ideas, assembled in one place to enlighten, entertain, and inform as You progress along Your own path.
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